We interact with plenty of objects every day. The products that pervade our lives – from our work to our health and spare time – follow the precise plan of a designer and express his or her personality, world view, and definition of time and space.

Designers influence the reality we live in; they determine what use we will make of a product and shape it according to both functional and aesthetic criteria. Enhancing the quality in the design sector means bringing added value to our world – and beauty into our lives.

This is exactly the ultimate purpose of CODE: boosting virtuous processes, encouraging and promoting creativity so as to improve the quality of the objects in our everyday life, and contributing to a positive development of our own society and environment. CODE is thankful to all the designers who will take part in this initiative.

Who CODE is

CODE (competitions for designers) is a platform for the promotion of design competitions. Its purpose is to foster the culture of design and creativity, by turning the constant demand for innovation from many stakeholders into contests that give designers the opportunity to show their talent.

Such a virtuous circle can safeguard the value of design projects and offer answers that perfectly meet the creative needs of companies.

So CODE aims at becoming a prestigious meeting point for talented designers and teams of experts, where the importance of creative work and the potential of design in today’s society can be stressed.