Milo Manara

Born in 1945, Milo Manara starts working as a successful cartoonist in the Sixties with erotic-detective stories in the collection “Genius” and in Jolanda de Almaviva”. He works with the “Corriere dei Ragazzi”, where he draws a series of comic strips adapted by Mino Milani with the great historical characters. In 1978, he creates his first successful character and adapts the story firstly published in France by the magazine “À Suivre”: “HP e Giuseppe Bergman”. In this story, HP is a clear reference to his teacher and mentor Hugo Pratt, who has become one of the protagonists of the story. He also takes part in the creation of the “Storia d’Italia a fumetti” by Enzo Biagi. For the magazine “Playmen”, he creates “Il gioco”, a highly erotic story, which becomes a success at international level. In 1987, he starts working with Federico Fellini transforming his texts into the extraordinary comic strip “Viaggio a Tulum” published in “Corto Maltese”. After numerous prizes and international awards, in 2015, he publishes for Panini Comics the first volume of a highly ambitious project concerning Caravaggio called “La tavolozza e la spada”. The second part of the volume, which will be published in 2018 by Panini Comics, will deal with the adventures of the great Michelangelo Merisi.