Arnaldo Pomodoro

He was born in 1926 in Montefeltro and he is nowadays considered as one of the best sculptor in the world. In particular, he is famous for the unique spheres in bronze that break up and open in front of the viewer who feels led to catch the internal mechanism in a contrast between the smooth shape and the hidden intricacy of the interior. Pomodoro studied as surveyor and then dedicated himself to sculpture, developing a real passion for this art. His peculiar, informal language shapes itself to fit the properties of different materials he works with:  firstly gold and silver and then iron, wood, concrete and bronze. This last material will be the base material both for his little-size sculptures and for the monumental works-of-art that made him famous. Since 1954, he has been living and working in Milan. His works are located in urban areas in Italy and abroad and in the main public collections all around the world. Many comprehensive anthological exhibitions recognized him as one of the most important artists of the contemporary scenario. Pomodoro also taught in several faculties of art in the USA.