Edoardo Tresoldi

Born in 1987, he grew up in Milan where, at the age of 9, experimented different languages and techniques under the guidance of painter Mario Straforini. In 2009 he moved to Rome and started to work in various creative areas. Since 2013, he performs public space interventions, focusing his research on genius loci and the study of landscape elements. Edoardo Tresoldi plays with the transparency of mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, a visual summary which reveals itself in the fade-out of physical limitations. His works have been featured in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art festivals, music festivals and group shows. In 2016 he carried out, together with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the restoration of the Basilica Paleocristiana of Siponto (FG), a unique convergence between contemporary art and archaeology. In January 2017 he has been included by Forbes among the 30 most influential European artists under 30.