Tanino Liberatore


Gaetano Liberatore (born April 12, 1953), better known as Tanino Liberatore, is an Italian comics author and illustrator. His best known fictional character is RanXerox. Liberatore’s work has been republished in several international comics magazines (Transfert, Métal Hurlant, A Suivre, L’Écho des savanes, Chic). The cover of Frank Zappa’s The Man from Utopia album features an illustration by Tanino Liberatore, showing Zappa as RanXerox. In 1984 he drew the album cover for Beat Up, the first 7-inch release by New York City based ska band The Toasters. During this time he also created a few ‘one of a kind’ pieces of art work for Toasters frontman Robert “Bucket” Hingley.