Giovanni Avosani



Graduated from the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Architecture, in 2005, he also gained  a PhD in Architecture Technology with a dissertation on “The sustainability of public space in residential construction,. A paradigm towards innovation in the environmental process. " at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara. He is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara and in post-graduate Master’s courses and a visiting lecturer in various University Departments, he has carried out research in national and international projects such as PRIN and COST. He developed his professional activity in the field of architectural and urban design for public and private customers. He is co-founder of the ClusterTheory research group which researches the relationships between the teaching and the contemporary architecture theory by investigating the methods of knowledge sharing in the professional and university environment. Over the years, he has collaborated with various public administrations as a consultant; since February 2014 he has also been the Expert Technical Instructor in the reconstruction office of the Municipality of Reggiolo (RE), gaining significant specific experience in the post-earthquake reconstruction .