Giancarlo Mazzanti


Giancarlo Mazzanti is the founder of El Equipo Mazzanti, a Colombian studio with more than 25 years of experience in architectural design at national and international level. The studio’s work is characterized by its multidisciplinary relationships that has generated notable and emblematic public and private buildings in Colombia and in the world which have been worthy of international recognition for their quality and representative image, and their capacity for urban and social transformation. They create unique pieces capable of generating pride and appropriation in the communities, becoming in general symbolic and emblematic buildings that all comply with the highest standards of sustainability and bioclimatic design. Their creations are capable of propitiating new and adaptable forms of behavior that result in the appropriation by the communities where the buildings are inserted. For his outstanding work El Equipo Mazzanti has been the winner of important prizes, mentions and national and international architectural design competitions.