Smiling face, wooden nose and a pointed hat. They are a few traits, yet they manage to evoke the image of the most renowned puppet in the world. Without any doubt, Pinocchio, the wooden marionette destined to become a “real boy” is one of the fictional characters that has been mostly influencing culture and international imaginary over the last two centuries.

The wooden marionette Pinocchio has been represented in vintage sketches, Disney’s classics and various visual representations. For sure, he is one of the most popular and represented characters of the literary international heritage.

There are many and extraordinary “Pinocchios” which have been drawn by the hand of artists over the centuries. However, one of them can boast an official status primacy. This is the representation adopted by the Foundation Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi. It is the Italian Institute aiming at guarding and nurturing in the world the beauty of a story, which has been fascinating adults and children of all generations.

Red jacked, white soft bread hat, short and green trousers and a long pointed nose: this is the interpretation by Attilio Mussino. For more than 50 years, Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi has been using it. This representation is consistent with the version proposed by Enrico Mazzanti. He was the illustrator of the first volume edition of Pinocchio in 1883. Such image hasn’t changed over the years, despite time has passed and trends and visual languages have evolved. 

Today’s children are not yesterday’s children. For this reason, in conjunction with the project “Collodi Capitale Eueopea dell’Infanzia (Collodi European Childhood Capital), the Foundation Carlo Collodi is pleased to present to the world “A New Image for Pinocchio”. This is a momentous competition aimed at creating a new visual interpretation of the magical puppet, redefining the official logo of the Foundation that represents the wooden marionette.

Thanks to this competition, graphic designers and creative talents will have the unique opportunity to create what will be the official image of Pinocchio- actual world heritage- over the next years. By doing so, they will enter into the dreams and imagination of millions of children. They will update this character according to young generations’ sensitivity while conserving the unique traits, which have always made him one of the most beloved and popular characters of all times.  

1st PRIZE / 5.000 € + OFFICIAL LOGO
2nd PRIZE / 2.000 €
3rd PRIZE / 1.000 €
n. 4 GOLD MENTIONS / 500 €


Seymour Chwast
Art Spiegelman
Silvano Campeggi
Jean Jullien
Ale Giorgini
Monica Nannini
Pier Francesco Bernacchi
Pier Francesco Bernacchi


competition is finished
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