We are our history.

Every human being corresponds to a specific stratification of experiences: a unique and fascinating combination of memories that shapes our identity and defines us as people. What we have lived is our most precious and fragile treasure. Our whole past is guarded by our mind and hanging by the thin thread of memory.

Therefore, the failing of memories is one of the most painful experiences a human being can live. In an ageing society where the possibilities of growing older are increasingly higher, more people are suffering from a gradual and inexorable memory loss- due to diseases as the Alzheimer’s disease. It is an irreversible and painful erosion of one’s identity and past. 

Not recognizing the face of the loved ones, the places or the elements of one’s story leads to deep and unspeakable emotional upheavals. These moments affect both the patient and his/her family members. For this reason, the support of professionals and structured networks is crucial. They are available to listen and offer solutions to those who are living the darkness of memories.

The sunset of memories needs a light able to guide families and patients through the complex disease journey. For this reason, “Affetti da” was created. It is a network of doctors and volunteers aimed at offering a professional support to those people who are coping with the dementia disorders of their loved ones.


As a guiding star, “Affetti da” aims at guiding the journey of those who face the gloomy darkness of the disease. It is a delicate and complex mission, which needs a refined and important image. Consequently, on the occasion of its foundation, “Affetti da” asks designers to create its logo and visual image. 

A logo is much more than simple a graphic composition. It is an identity, which becomes image; it is a mental journey, which has to be imprinted in the observer’s memory. The logo has to be linked to a product or an association. It has to evoke a story using the same language and the same feelings used by the association it represents. 


Through “Logo Against Alzheimer’s”, graphic designers and designers will have the opportunity to design the logo of one of the most important associations in the field of the fight against memory diseases. In this way, they will make a valuable contribution to those people who daily face painful situations in order to assist people coping with the difficulties of the disease. This logo will talk about memory and to memory. It will be a recognizable image able to reassure and become a reference point- guiding star- in the slow failing of memories.

1° PRIZE / 5.000 € + OFFICIAL LOGO
2° PRIZE / 2.000 €
3° PRIZE / 1.000 €
n. 4 GOLD MENTIONS / 500 €


Milo Manara
Milton Glaser
Federico Babina
Margherita Urbani
Pietro Corraini
Mario Trimarchi
Roberta Pantieri


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